DC Venture Services is not your typical venture capital firm. Too often, entrepreneurs focus solely on getting their business funded, without looking beyond to the most important component of their business, which is after all their customers.

Our Mission

DC Venture Services is committed to not only assisting your company grow through commercial, debt and equity financing, but we adopt a long term ownership approach which allows us to be fully dedicated to the success of your business. Because of this ownership, we offer our experience, strategies and our relationships in combination with services designed to cultivate your business growth.

We help remove the mystery and complexity out of funding your company’s future. We help navigate the different pathways to funding; from an initial Series A round on through to IPO, DC Venture Services is in business to assist business.

Financing Solutions

DC Venture Services works with a variety of financing solutions, ranging from commercial and debt, to equity financing.

DC Venture Services takes a long-term approach to working with our clients. Once a business plan is submitted, we do our due diligence to verify the information you have presented to us, evaluate the technology, product or service and its potential market, analyze your finances and projections, assess your team and look for ways in which we can map your journey to funding. After successful due diligence and retainer payment, we then do what we do best – take the complexity out of the process by matching you with the financing solution that best fits your situation.

Commercial Financing
For clients who need assistance with up-front funds in order to move forward with debt or equity financing.

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Debt Financing
DC Venture Services works through debt financing. Once your business plan has been reviewed and accepted, we help you secure debt financing through private equity.

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Equity Financing
Equity financing involves common stock in a corporation (or units for an L.L.C.), conveying ownership interest to holders of the stock.

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