Our Process in Three Easy Steps

DC Venture Services is in business to assist business as your company develops and expands to the next level.  We bring our significant resources to the table to enable our venture clients reach their goals of seeing their business grow and prosper.  We collaborate with our venture clients by having a vested, equity interest in their success.  Our level of involvement will depend on what form our relationship takes and is only a few simple steps away.

1  Submit Your Business Plan


The first step toward funding starts with submitting your business plan.  To evaluate if your business will fit into our portfolio, we need as much information as possible, including:

    • A clear executive summary
    • Description and details surrounding your products or services
    • Clear description of your market and the potential for your products or services
    • Define your customers or users
    • Summarize your competition
    • Backgrounds of each management team member
    • Current, past, and projected financials
    • Explanation of the funding request and the use of funds
    • Possible exit strategies for the funding option

If you are in need of business planning software, DC Venture Services recommends using Business Plan Pro from Palo Alto Software.

2  Due Diligence


DC Venture Services takes a long-term ownership approach when working with our venture clients.  We wish to ensure that we work only the best and most viable companies.  In order for us to do this our team thoroughly reviews your business plan – along with additional information regarding your company – to assure ourselves of the future success of your products or services.

3  Approval and Contracting


Once our initial due diligence is complete and your company is approved, we evaluate which funding options would best suit your business model and present you with our recommendations.  Once the contracts are signed and everything is in order, we immediately step up to help you start building your dream!