Commercial Financing

Commercial Financing

We all know it takes money to make money.  In order to grow your business to the next level, money is needed to move forward toward your goals.

DC Venture Services has commercial financing options available through our relationships with commercial lenders.  We can assist in securing commercial financing with the knowledge that this financing will lead to the long-term financing needed for your company to move on to the next level of funding.

Advantages of Commercial Financing:

  • Business loans can be convenient as long as you have an established relationship
  • Multiple loan options available
  • Commercial loans do not require profit sharing
  • Relatively low interest rates
  • May offer tax benefits as loan payments may be tax deductible ¹

Disadvantages of Commercial Financing:

  • Application process can be lengthy if a prior relationship is not established
  • Paperwork can be cumbersome if a process is not already in place
  • Preference is often given to businesses who are already up and running
  • Entire amount of loan is not always granted


¹ Clients should consult a CPA or tax professional for thorough tax advice.