Submit Your Business Plan

Submit Your Business Plan

Who We Work With:

DC Venture Services works with early, growth and expansion stage companies that have the potential to be leaders within their market. The businesses who become our clients should be able demonstrate the following characteristics:

  • Strong team with knowledge in the field with both leadership and experience
  • Innovative product or service
  • Large market, often with a global reach
  • Compelling business model and strategy
  • Competitive advantage or a defendable IP portfolio
  • Clear path to success
  • Near cash flow breakeven (within 12-18 months)
  • A well thought out exit strategy
  • Realistic funding needs

Business Plan Requirements:

The first step toward building your goals and obtaining funding is to submit your business plan by using the submission form below. Please note that we do not sign client-side non-disclosure agreements for any submitted business plan or paperwork.

At a minimum, submitted business plans should include:

  • A clear executive summary
  • Description and details surrounding your products or services
  • Clear description of your market and the potential for your products or services
  • Definition of your customers or users
  • Summary of your competition
  • Backgrounds of each of the management team members
  • Current and projected financials
  • Explanation of the funding request and use for funds
  • Possible exit strategies for the funding options contemplated

DC Venture Services is located in Austin, Texas and we are industry generalists; we currently do not focus on any one particular industry. We tend to work with business clients that are located in Central Texas; however, occasionally, we will work with businesses from other areas of the United States.

Business Plan Software:

If you need business planning software DC Venture Services recommends using Business Plan Pro from Palo Alto Software.

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