About Us


It’s your business, your idea, your blood, sweat and tears; it only makes sense that you should reap the rewards, even if you use venture capital to fund your business’s growth.  DC Venture Services works with entrepreneurs who are willing to take a long-term approach to long-term gain through responsible, reasonable financing options.  It is not our goal to take your idea and your business away from you; ultimately, we want your business to succeed – for you and yours.  DC Venture Services provides the tools and the necessary resources to assist your business in reaching that success.  After all, the success of our investment hails from the success of your business.

Paradox of Funding

Businesses have long faced what we call the Paradox of Funding when it comes to financing growth – capital is needed to grow, but young companies often cannot get capital because they have not yet graduated from start-up to the early stage of a business life cycle.  This can be particularly frustrating when you know you have an innovative product or service that has global growth potential, an experienced management team with a strong entrepreneurial spirit and a solid business plan.  The frustration of having customers ready to purchase your product or service without the ability to produce because of a lack of human or working capital stops many emerging businesses in their tracks.

DC Venture Services bridges that gap.  We believe your customers define your business and those customers will eventually fund your business.  We obtain funding for our clients based on what is real and factual – your business plan, your customers and your needs.